Giardia Linked to IBS, Chronic Fatigue

A three-year follow-up study of people in Bergen, Norway, who became ill with giardiasis following contamination of a local water reservoir with Giardia lamblia reports that 46.1% had IBS, compared to 14% of unaffected controls. The same percentage (although not all the same people), 46.1%, reported chronic fatigue, compared to 12% of controls. The foll0w-up survey was conducted by mail, so it is not possible in this study design to assess how many of those experiencing chronic fatigue would also meet criteria for CFS, ME/CFS or ME. However, this study adds to literature on a variety of infectious agents that trigger post-infectious illnesses that bear many similarities to CFS. More Research1st coverage here. (Gut, Sept. 12, 2011)

Tags: , September 12, 2011