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October 16, 2016

ME/CFS Media Center

social-media-imageThe Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI) wants to be helpful to all those interested in telling the story of myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) – traditional journalists, social media writers, and anyone working on sharing the reality of ME/CFS. Interviews with SMCI spokespeople, expert sources working in ME/CFS research and connections to ME/CFS patients can be arranged upon request.

We use Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in capital letters because we feel it’s important to distinguish this disabling disease from “fatigue” that can be a symptom of many different chronic health conditions, we request that you use caps when you are quoting SMCI or referencing our information.

Email Emily Taylor at  or call 704-364-0016



IOM Report Released: Recommends New Diagnostic Criteria, Calls for More Research, and Proposes New Name – PDF – added 2/10/2015

In the report the committee underscored the profound impact that ME/CFS has on the millions who suffer from it worldwide (est. 17 million) and the importance of getting people diagnosed; estimating that more than 90% may not be. ME/CFS costs the US economy between $17 to $24 billion annually in lost productivity and medical costs while federal spending is woefully disproportionate and inadequate (a mere $5 million annually).

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative, at first glance, is pleased with the committee’s recognition of the impact that ME/CFS has on the lives of millions, while recognizing there is still much to be done. We are committed to working with patients, researchers, federal agencies and experts in the field, to review the report’s recommendations and ensure appropriate next steps. We see this report as a critical step forward, providing the foundation for greater action to diagnose and treat patients and advance research. This opportunity must be seized. The patients, who for too long have received inadequate care and attention, deserve better.

$500,000 Grant Awarded to SMCI to Further Epigenetic Research – PDF – added 12/15/14

Announcing the Organization’s NEW NAME_Solve ME/CFS Initiative – PDF  – added 5/3/14

CFIDS Association Announces New CEO – PDF

CFIDS Association and Biovista Announce Successful Completion of Drug Repositioning Project

CFIDS Association Announces Leadership Transition