Get Involved

You can get involved and make a difference in the lives of all those facing the daily struggles of life with ME/CFS. Join the Solve ME/CFS Initiative in our commitment to speed progress toward a world free of ME/CFS.

There are many ways to be involved; find the one that works for you!

  • Fuel Research - The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is the only full-time organization dedicated to serving the millions of Americans who suffer from ME/CFS. Help us accelerate our efforts in ME/CFS research by making a gift that is meaningful to you. Donate online now!
        • Join the Sustainers Circle – Monthly gifts are a phenomenal way to maximize your giving and strengthen your support. As a monthly giver you sustain progress and hope. Gifts are automatically charged to your credit or debit card, saving you time and effort and saving us the costs of postage, printing and processing — making your donation goes further! Please consider becoming a member of the Sustainers Circle today!
        • Explore other ways to give…  Honor and Memorial Gifts, Planned Giving, Gifts of Security and Workplace Giving
  • Drive Research Progress - The SolveCFS BioBank provides people with ME/CFS and those that care about them an opportunity to be directly involved in research and brings a state-of-the-art genetic sample collection system to eligible ME/CFS patients and approved researchers. Learn more and get the process started today!
  • Join Our Community – Connect with others, stay informed and join an active dialogue.
  • Deepen Your Knowledge - Information is power! We offer a host of free resources on a variety of topics to help people better understand the complex nature of ME/CFS, engage in more meaningful conversations with their health care providers and make informed choices about ME/CFS-related decisions.
      • Our Research Library connects you to hundreds of articles and publications on the latest ME/CFS research
      • Whether you’re newly diagnosed and trying to unearth as much as possible, a parent striving to help his/her child cope with a chronic illness, or someone struggling to negotiate the maze of legal and financial issues brought on by the illness, we hope you’ll find some answers here.
      • Health care professionals play an important role in the fight against ME/CFS. Our hope is that you have healthcare providers that are knowledgeable about the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS, stay abreast of new information and provide a high level of care. Yet we know that is all too often not the case, so you have to be your own best advocate. Our healthcare provider resources can hopefully help in that regard.

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