3 Years After Giardia Infection

There have been several follow-up studies of a (in)famous outbreak of giardia in Bergen, Norway, following contamGiardia-study-265x300ination of the local water reservoir in 2004. The latest study compared rates of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic fatigue (CF) after exposure to giardia and assessed whether a history of allergy had an effect on illness among those exposed to giardia compared to those who were not exposed during the outbreak. The researchers report that history of allergy did not affect rates of IBS in the group exposed, but that allergy did appear to be a risk factor for developing IBS and CF in the group that was not exposed to giardia. (Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, July 2, 2012) History of allergy and other atopic disease has been shown in some studies to be a predisposing factor in CFS. More about the Norway giardia cluster and follow-up studies, from Research1st: http://bit.ly/giardia-Norway

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