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May 5, 2017

The Ramsay Awards


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Key documents for those applying:

2017 Instructions and Scope (DOWNLOAD HERE)

2017 Biographical Sketch Template (DOWNLOAD HERE)

2017 Grant Application Signature Page (DOWNLOAD HERE)

This Ramsay Award is a research grants competition in Basic, Preclinical, Clinical or Epidemiology Research open to investigators at any career stage. The program is conducted through a rigorous, peer review mechanism.

zaher“The Ramsay Award Program is one part of our organization’s overall research strategy to encourage participatory investigations, accelerate new discoveries, and reduce barriers for entry into the challenging yet rewarding field of ME/CFS,” Dr. Zaher Nahle, SMCI’s Chief Scientific Officer and VP of Research.

The Ramsay Awards are named after ME/CFS pioneer Dr. A. Melvin Ramsay, the recognized authority from 1955 until his death in 1990, whose sound descriptions of the disease have stood the test of time.  We embrace his determination and spirit to find the answers to this disease.

The Ramsay Awards aim to:

INVEST in original ideas that will clarify the nature, progression and root causes of the disease.

CREATE environments permissive for developing future talent and retaining ME/CFS researchers.

FACILITATE collaboration and cross-pollination worldwide through our organization’s network.

 We are looking for researchers who want to make an impact

This investment in seed grants through an open competition, reflects our commitment to participatory research and inclusivity to advance the field and amplify the work of our grantee researchers. Each grant awards typically range between $35,000 and $55,000 for a one-year period, with the possibility of renewal for projects yielding promising results. Submitted proposals will be subject to a rigorous peer review process in order to ensure that only applications of the highest merit are selected.

ramsayOur 2016 recipients are working on phenomenal projects from exploring autoimmune signatures to developing diagnostic tools. You can view our previous grantees and their projects here

To apply for a Ramsay Award please read the instructions for Ramsay 2017  and submit your application by June 30, 2017.

Questions and inquiries regarding the Ramsay Award Program should be directed to Dr. Zaher Nahle, Chief Scientific Officer and VP for Research, at research@solvecfs.org

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